The global award in photography and sustainability

The Prix Pictet

The Prix Pictet aims to harness the power of photography – all genres of photography – to draw global attention to issues of sustainability, especially those concerning the environment.

Founded in 2008 by the Pictet Group, the Prix Pictet has become the world’s leading award for photography and sustainability. To date there have been seven cycles of the award each of which has highlighted a particular facet of sustainability. The seven themes are: Water, Earth, Growth, Power, Consumption, Disorder and Space.

Entry to the award is strictly by nomination. There are 200 nominators worldwide who have, over the course of the seven cycles, nominated 3,500 artists for the award. Taken together the nominated works present a powerful testament to the fragile state of our planet.

The Prix Pictet is an award of 100,000 CHF given to the photographer who, in the opinion of the independent jury, has produced a series of work that is both artistically outstanding and presents a compelling narrative related to the theme of the award. The seven Prix Pictet winners are: Benoit Aquin, Nadav Kander, Mitch Epstein, Luc Delahaye, Michael Schmidt, Valérie Belin and Richard Mosse.

The award plays to a global audience of over 400 million. Since 2008 the seven cycles of the Prix Pictet have been shown in exhibitions in all major cities of the world in with visitor numbers of over 550,000.

A book based on each of the Prix Pictet themes has been published and distributed worldwide. Each book showcases the work the shortlisted photographers as well as powerful images produced by a number of the other nominated photographers.