The global award in photography and sustainability

The Prix Pictet

  • Stephen Barber

    Stephen Barber

    Chairman, Prix Pictet and Prix Pictet Ltd, Equity Partner of Pictet

  • Michael Benson

    Michael Benson

    Director, Prix Pictet and Prix Pictet Ltd, Director, Candlestar

  • The Prix Pictet Ltd

    The Prix Pictet Ltd

    The business affairs of the Prix Pictet (including artists grants' and contracts, media partnerships, sales etc) are administered by an independent company, Prix Pictet Ltd.

  • Candlestar


    The London based cultural consultancy Candlestar Ltd produces the Prix Pictet. As well as acting as the Secretariat for the award and Prix Pictet Ltd, the team at Candlestar manage all of the administrative, artistic, logistical and curatorial aspects of the Prix Pictet award and the global exhibition tour.